A collection of 20 images about Happy 50th birthday quotes and wishes

A collection of 20 images about Happy 50th birthday quotes and wishes

let's wish them a happy birthday with meaningful 50th birthday quotes,about life and about getting old. Enjoy our best collection of 20 images about Happy 50th birthday quotes and wishes.

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I'm not 50, I'm 18 with 32 years experience.

Happy 50th birthday, You don't get old, you get classic.

Remember how excited you were when you turned 50,you should be 10 times that excited. Happy 50th birthday!

It is never too late to grow up and stop being stupid. Maybe your 50th birthday is your chance to do just that, Happy Birthday!

Looks: 22,Feels: 18,Acts:10,that makes me 50

Happy 50th Birthday! Turning 50 doesn't mean you're getting old, but instead getting wiser and better than ever.

Some words of wisdom for your birthday, "Smile while you still have teeth!".Happy 50th Birthday!

Happy 50th Birthday,Everything good comes to those who turn 50. Good food. Good wine.Good friends.Good love.

50 is the perfect age to do something unexpected. Go surprise someone. Happy 50th Birthday!

Forty is the age of youth. Fifty is the youth of old age –  Victor Hugo

Fifty is an excellent age… if you’re a bottle of wine” Anon

Looking fifty is great–if you're sixty. – Joan Rivers

Thank God for not having to blow 50 candles on your 50th birthday!

You’re not only nifty at 50 — you’re a spiffy, gritty, thrifty, lofty and, when no one’s around, frisky 50 year old.

When you’re 50, every time you look in the mirror you think it must be April Fools Day.” — Melanie White

Turning 50 should at least help your memory in one way: 50 is an easier number to remember than 49.

A cute fiftieth birthday wish: Happy 20th anniversary of your 30th birthday.

A fiftieth birthday is actually a milestone which reads ‘Proceed at your own risk’ Happy 50th birthday.

Did you know that 50% of 50-year-olds will make it to 100? Did you also know that 50% of all statistics in this card are false?

Happy 50th – the years look good on you! But then, I don’t see as well as I used to.” — Melanie White

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