all great trina quotes compilations

all great trina quotes compilations

trina quotes

10 years strong you should act like you know me. – trina quotes


A good stroke in and a good stroke out. – trina quotes


A little nasty ho, red-bone but a classy hoe. – trina quotes


about you anymore because you can`t market and promote your record. – trina quotes


Addicted to the glamour life, but the guttah runs through my veins. – trina quotes


Ain't trickin' if you got it, what I need gonna cost. – trina quotes


All my girls in the club working fa a dub, – trina quotes


And be determined, focused, and successful? I think that is a very powerful thing. – trina quotes


And don't be scared, you can pull it; ain't no tracks. – trina quotes


And I feel like I'm tha shit; I feel like I run this shit. – trina quotes


Beef is when a bitch titties looking like they sleep. – trina quotes


Beef is when I help you selling records just like I do, now thats beef. – trina quotes


Beef is when the clothes lookin like dirty sheets. – trina quotes


Beef is when these hoes say my name in the streets. – trina quotes


Beef is when they fame only last a few weeks. – trina quotes


Cause ain't nothing wrong with the bump and grind. When I do this thing up, jump behind. – trina quotes


Cause my shit firm and tight, just right and if the price is right I just might. – trina quotes


Change my number, switch my cars up. Six months with you match my cars up. – trina quotes


Cruise with it, pull it out, put it back in. – trina quotes


Diamond, princess, just mind, your buisness. – trina quotes


Don't talk, just give me that good D. can't nobody do it good just like me. – trina quotes


Dumps in the truck. Thighs like what? Ain't nann hoe got more booty in the butt. – trina quotes


FEMA requires strong leadership and experience because state and local governments rely on them, … When you don`t have trained, qualified people in those 
From the niggas who gettin chese, throw back in the crispy g's. – trina quotes


Fuck them bitches, fuck them hoes. – trina quotes


Fuck this hoe, that hoe, all them bitches lame. – trina quotes


Get on my level hoe, you ain't on my latitude. – trina quotes


G-string make his dick stand. – trina quotes


Hair so fine make you do the hokey-pokey. – trina quotes


He took me to his house, "welcome to the safe". – trina quotes


Hell yeah you can be my daddy 'cause I like it like that. – trina quotes


Hips of a goddess, watch how I throw 'em… – trina quotes


I don`t want coca money, I want Oprah money. – trina quotes


I dont hear ya hoe, here let me turn it down a bit. – trina quotes


I don't like a man who's too arrogant and cocky. – trina quotes


I don't like guys who try to do too much. – trina quotes


I got a fat ass playa nigga can't pass up. Juvenile couldn't even back this azz up. – trina quotes


I got plenty cribs, no tellin where I travel too. – trina quotes


I got'em on his knees telling me how good it taste. – trina quotes


I like the ones that are laid back. – trina quotes


I roll with CEO and stock brocker niggas, – trina quotes


I see the boys break they necks when i walk on by; Fat ol' ass thick ol' thighs. – trina quotes


I show these niggas how to stunt. – trina quotes


I'd probably fuck your daddy if your mammy wasn't player hatin' – trina quotes


If you ain't got no money, take yo broke ass home. – trina quotes


If you don`t eat pussy, get the fuck out of here! – trina quotes


Im bout to marry my money, I'm so in love with it. – trina quotes


I'm da baddest bitch you got to admit that. 69 ways? You know I went that! – trina quotes


I'm filthy rich my money talk loud as shit. – trina quotes


I'm in the air, I don't hear bitches corny raps. – trina quotes


I'm representin' for the bitches. All eyes on your riches. No time for the little dicks. – trina quotes


I'm single again, who's who I'm mingling wit. – trina quotes


Im still rich, still the baddest bitch in the game. – trina quotes


I'm the baddest bitch what. – trina quotes


I'm the baddest bitch, damn right I'm the baddest. – trina quotes


Let me see if I can put the whole thang in. – trina quotes


Let me see if you can beat it up real; go fast and wind to the tempo. – trina quotes


Light gray eyes, hour glass frame. – trina quotes


Like lightning I wanna nigga with a wedding ring. – trina quotes


Mirror, mirror on the wall, who is the baddest of them all? – trina quotes


M-O-E thats the shit that I'm on – trina quotes


Money over everything I'm all about my change. – trina quotes


More than the price of the rock on your hand. – trina quotes


My ass still fat. – trina quotes


My gurls be shoppin hard, these hoes be buyin cars. – trina quotes


Need me a boss, like Rick Ross. – trina quotes


Now thats what I'm all about…I'm the baddest! – trina quotes


Number ten in the face, slim in the waist. Fat in the ass, do you want a taste? – trina quotes


Oh My God he made it hard to keep a straight face. – trina quotes


Oh yeah I like it just like that, let me see if you can hit it just like that. – trina quotes


Part of the reason some of those records fell off is after a while that hype rubs off, … Then you`re just another person in jail. The label doesn`t care 
Push in, you ain't gotta pull out. keep going I need me a workout. – trina quotes


Pussy stay wet; sex so good. – trina quotes


Representin' for my girls with the fat back. – trina quotes


Same dirty bitches and the same dirty clothes. – trina quotes


See I fuck him in the living room. While his children home. – trina quotes


See I'm unemployed with no boss hoe. While y'all sucking dick for free I'm broke off hoe. – trina quotes


See these jewels, they cost grands. – trina quotes


Since we're neither at the bottom nor at the top, we must be in the middle. – trina quotes


Sisqo made that song when he seen me in a THONG! TH-THONG! THONG! THONG! – trina quotes


So good it make 'em wanna tattoo my lips on 'em. – trina quotes


So I know you gon give me what I came fo'. Let me climb up on top, I'ma get low. – trina quotes


Sorry for being conceited thats just my attitude. – trina quotes


Still got the crown for 'best ass in the game'. – trina quotes


Stop calling me apologizing, don't even start it. – trina quotes


Talk that shit but be at my shows. – trina quotes


Talk to ya man when I get ready; Have him blowing stacks I aint petty. – trina quotes


Tell me that you love me baby, get high and fuck me crazy. – trina quotes


That hoe fine , but this hoe killaaa! – trina quotes


the baddest bitch is back, the baddest bitch is back! – trina quotes


The 'baddest chick' to me is not really just for me, that's just something I feel about myself. – trina quotes


Them hoes mad, cause I got everything they wish they had. – trina quotes


This girl is hella bad, your choice is trailer trash. – trina quotes


To be a female and to be independent and strong – trina quotes


Tryna dig a bad bitch, you ain't no clue. – trina quotes


Turn on the cameras start the freak show. This ass even make Black Rob say whoa. – trina quotes


Vida loca money, you can keep that poker money. – trina quotes


Wait bitch, imma blow my kisses, get pist and throw my dishes, – trina quotes


What the devil got to say 'bout the bad bitch now. – trina quotes


While you be riding around town with the brokest niggas. – trina quotes


Whipped cream; let me be yo dessert. – trina quotes


Why you worried about mines, I ain't worried about yo's. – trina quotes


With Friends Like These, … Radiant Girls. – trina quotes


With me, this shit gon cost, you short? then thas yo lost. – trina quotes


work that pole and let them hoes know what's up. – trina quotes


Ya whole career is worth one of them diamonds in my ear. – trina quotes


Yeah I'm what these niggas want 'cause they know I never front, I stunt. – trina quotes


You a hatin ass bitch so what I'm the baddest bitch. – trina quotes


You bitches hella fake, I'm getting hella cake. – trina quotes


You can't steal my joy because you didn't give it to me! Blessed. – trina quotes


You dissin for promo, you dissin me is a no-no. – trina quotes


You get the left over hits, so bitch get on the band wagon or get left over bitch. – trina quotes


You know he has to have swagger; I don't like no cornball. – trina quotes


You know how they do, how they act. See you with another man and they want you back – trina quotes


You wanna fuck? Twenty g's for the nut. – trina quotes

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