Inspiring 20 trey songz quotes about life, love, sayings

Inspiring 20 trey songz quotes about life, love, sayings

Inspiring 20 trey songz quotes about life, love, sayings

Inspiring 20 trey songz quotes about life, love, sayings

Tremaine Aldon Neverson (born November 28, 1984), better known as Trey Songz, is an American singer, songwriter, record producer, actor, and rapper.

“All I want to do is give you all of me and want you to give me all of you. ”- trey songz quotes

“Baby turn the lights down and I’ma turn you on. ” – trey songz quotes

“Bounce it, bounce it, bounce it, bounce it. I’m about to throw a couple thousand, bounce it. ” – trey songz quotes

“Count your blessings. Every time I am doing bad I count my blessings. And I always lose count. Try that sometime. ” – trey songz quotes

“Girl your legs keep shaking and I swear we breaking our new headboard. ” – trey songz quotes

“Got a couple bottles, but a couple ain’t enough. Bottoms up, bottoms up! ”- trey songz quotes

“Hate will get you nowhere!  ”- trey songz quotes

“I fumbled your heart. Should’ve let go of my past for you. You did everything I asked of you. Drived across the country if I asked you too but I’m just bad for you. ” – trey songz quotes

“I want your body like right now; you know I live a magnum lifestyle. ” – trey songz quotes

“I’m sleepin with success rite now. ” – trey songz quotes

“If I could have anything, I’d put it on everything, it would be you, you, you; I just want you. ” – trey songz quotes

“If you still don’t understand, stay away as far as you can. ” – trey songz quotes

“It wouldn’t be me if I didn’t get a little nasty. ” – trey songz quotes

“Love is hard to find, but love is one of a kind. ” – trey songz quotes

“Shadows on the wall while the candles burning, messing up the bed while you’re sweating out your perm and making lovefaces. ” – trey songz quotes

“Shawty you the baddest and to meet you is an honor. ” – trey songz quotes

“Take this pillow right here, grab this. And I know if you’re excited, they won’t bite it, they won’t hear.  ”- trey songz quotes

“The people who support me and my dreams make me feel like I’m on top of the world.  ”- trey songz quotes

“Tomb Raider, sooner or later. The way you move that ass so innovative. ” – trey songz quotes

“You are warmer then the summer time, so I hold you threw the winter time and the love inside your eyes can turn a cloudy day to sunshine. ” – trey songz quotes

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